Gritting routes in Brentford / Isleworth

The following roads will be gritted during the winter

Road From To
Alexandra Road High St Brentford Bus Terminal
Amhurst Gardens London Road Twickenham Road
Borough Rd Ridgeway Road Wood Lane
Boston Manor Rd Half Acre A4
Boston Manor Rd A4 Boundary
Brentford High St Canal Bridge Ealing Road
Bus terminal Alexandra Road Back Lane
Church Rd Thornbury Road Ridgeway Road
Church St Manor House Way Barrier
College Road Ridgeway Road London Road
College Road Borough Rd Ridgeway Rd
Commerce Road High Street End of Road
Ealing Road A4 Boundary
Ealing Road A4 High St Brentford
Half Acre High St Boston Manor Rd
Harlequin Avenue Great West Rd End cul-de-sac
Jersey Road Windmill Lane Wood Lane
Linkfield Road London Rd Twickenham Rd
London Road Spring Grove Rd Brentford Canal Bridge
London Road Canal Bridge Ealing Road
Loring Road St Johns Rd Linkfield Rd
Manor House Way North St Church St
North Street South St Manor House Way
Northumberland Ave Wood Lane Campion Rd
Osterley Road The Grove Great West Rd
Park Road Twickenham Rd Church St
Richmond Rd South St St Margarets Rd
Ridgeway Road Great West Rd College Rd
South Street Twickenham Rd Richmond Rd
Spur Road Syon Lane London Road
St John Road London Road Twickenham Road
St Pauls Road Back Lane Half Acre
Swyncombe Avenue Boston Manor Rd Boundary
Syon Lane London Road Windmill Lane
Talbot Road St Margarets Road Worple Road
The Grove London Road Osterley Road
The Grove Spring Grove Road Osterley Road
Twickenham Raod London Road Boundary
Windmill Lane Syon Lane Ealing boundary
Windmill Road Boston Manor Road A4
Windmill Road Boundary A4
Wood Lane Jersey Road Northumberland Avenue
Wood Lane London Road Northumberland Avenue
Worple Avenue Twickenham Road Worple Road
Worple Road Talbot Road South Street
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