Feltham Town Centre Traffic and Transport Improvements

Phase 1: Feltham Town Centre traffic and transport improvements

Scheme overview

Phase 1 of the improvement scheme focused on minimising the impact of the level crossing’s closure on surrounding roads and improve road safety and bus journey times. The level crossing was closed to enable Network Rail to lengthen the platforms at the station to provide 10 car trains. These improvements were:

  • widening Hounslow Road to provide a left turn lane into Hanworth Road 
  • widening the footway on Hounslow Road over the railway 
  • introducing traffic signals at the New Road junction with Hounslow Road 
  • improvements to the Hanworth Road / Hounslow Road junction. 
  • widening the highway over Longford River to improve facilities for cyclist and provide a right turn lane into Hanworth Road 
  • new bus stops for the 490 and 285 on Hounslow Road with new ramps linking the bus stops to a new access into the station 


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