Traffic enforcement

Report a moving traffic contravention to us

Moving traffic contraventions relate to traffic controls in the Highway Code and include contraventions such as:

  • driving through a 'No Entry' sign
  • turning left or right when instructed not to do so
  • entering box junctions when your exit is not clear.

We have the responsibility of enforcing certain moving traffic contraventions which should make our roads safer for everyone and less congested. Enforcement of these contraventions are carried out by CCTV camera - using both fixed cameras and mobile CCTV camera vehicles.

All PCNs are supported by CCTV evidence

If you ignore these road signs and markings you will be issued with a fine (a penalty charge notice or PCN).

We will send the PCN (with photos of the vehicle committing the contravention) by post to the vehicle’s registered keeper within approximately 28 days from the date of the alleged contravention. In all cases it is the owner, not the driver of the vehicle who is liable to pay the PCN.

Pay your penalty charge notice (PCN)

  • Pay online
  • By telephone with a credit or debit card on 0333 800 0107
  • By cheque made payable to London Borough of Hounslow - for cheque payments, please send to the address shown on the PCN.

For PCN issues, email:

London Borough of Hounslow Parking Services
P O Box 211
S98 1NG

For anything else to do with CCTV, email:





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