Helping children get the best support available

How to get extra support for young people.

What support is available

Your child may already be receiving help and support from health or council services, but perhaps you still remain concerned.

We can work with you, your child and other services to support your child’s individual needs.

How to get support

Support is voluntary.

You’ll need to get in touch first.

Then we’ll meet with you and your child, ask a few questions to find out what help and support your child might need.

This will show what services your child is already receiving and how those services could work together to benefit your child.

What happens next

If you agree to support, a worker you feel comfortable with (like your child’s class teacher or health visitor) will sit down with you and your child and complete the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) form.

From this, a small team of professionals will work with you both to provide the help and support you feel you need.

Contact us


Telephone 020 8583 2742

Further information

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