Social care assessment of children

Working with you to find the best support for children and their families.   

Children's services available

  • support for families
  • advice about parenting
  • dealing with neglect or abuse
  • looking after children through fostering and adoption
  • supporting children leaving care

People who may need social services support

  • parents who want advice and support for caring for children
  • children who are having problems at home, school or elsewhere
  • people who work with families, like teachers, doctors, health visitors and are worried about a child's development.

About the assessment

If you feel you need support, you can request an assessment.

  • when you contact us, a customer service officer will discuss your needs
  • your information will then be looked at by an expert
  • if it's urgent we'll start the assessment immediately, otherwise we usually start within seven days

At the assessment

  • we'll speak to you, your family and children
  • we may also maybe speak to relatives, schools and medical professionals if needed.

After the assessment

After an initial assessment we will be able to see what support your family might need.

  • we'll work with you to make a plan of support
  • in a very few cases s child protection plan will be set up
  • if we think a child is in danger we may appeal to court for permission to protect them
  • you might not need any extra support
  • if we can't support you we can put you in contact with people who can


Assessment is free

Services are generally free, though you may have to pay for costs of care.

How to get an assessment

Contact us today

Our office is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, Friday 9am to 4.45pm

Children's Services
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