Landlord accreditation schemes

Most landlords will know that managing property is no easy task.  Whether you own just one property, or a whole portfolio, there are a range of pitfalls, legislative requirements and jargon to get to grips with to ensure tenants are safe and that you comply with regulations and the law.

A Landlord Accreditation Schemes aims to train potential and existing landlords in the various areas of managing property, as well as promoting good practice across the private rented sector.  

A Landlord Accreditation Scheme will give tenants peace of mind that their chosen landlord has been vetted and trained.  

Aside from opportunities for training there are a whole package of incentives to encourage landlords to sign up, and most recently include significant reductions to tenancy deposit insurance schemes.

Some schemes work with local advertisers to enable accredited landlords to market themselves as a responsible landlord. For example, members of the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) receive a special logo with every advert in Loot.

The Council does not run an accreditation scheme, but does support LLAS in its work, for example in running free training events for accredited landlords throughout the year.

For more information on accreditation:

the LLAS (for London landlords) website

ANUK for national advice handbook.


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