Chaperone service

Responsibilities of a chaperone

Your first duty is to the child in your care. Whilst acting as a chaperone you must not engage in any activity that would interfere with the performance of the child's duties.

A chaperone will be expected to:

  • supervise the child
  • negotiate where necessary with the production staff to make sure the child’s welfare and safety is protected
  • alongside the performance licence holder, check that regulations and any additional requirements issued by the child’s licensing authority are upheld at all times
  • check the licence to make sure that the child is licensed specifically for the performance, unless they fall within the exemption period
  • remain vigilant at all times regarding dangerous performances
  • keep records relating to the child’s performances, rehearsals, breaks, meals and time spent waiting between performances
  • keep records of any injuries or accidents to the child while in their care
  • make sure that the child is not exploited by working too many hours resulting in the child’s general well-being or education suffering in the long term
  • make sure the child receives education on all school days
  • monitor the intervals between performances and the start and end times referring to the age of the child
  • make sure that appropriate travel arrangements have been made
  • represent the local authority
  • keep a list of all important contacts including your licensing authority, the child’s licensing authority, the local authority where the performance is taking place, the child’s agent and parent/guardian

Application form to become a chaperone

The chaperone service


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