Chaperone service

Children in entertainment must be in the care of either their parent, the children's legal guardian or an approved chaperone at all times.

A chaperone's first priority is always to the child. They are the key person the child looks to for guidance, protection, clarification and support.

The chaperone will legally take on some of the responsibilities of a parent, as in they will act in loco parentis and exercise the care which a good parent might be reasonably expected to give that child.

All chaperones must be licensed by their local council. They are required to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before undertaking sole supervision of children.

When we receive your chaperone licence application form, we will:

  • seek references
  • arrange interviews
  • manage the completion of the DBS check form and its subsequent processing

Once we've received a satisfactory DBS check, we will issue a chaperone licence.

Chaperones are not employed by us.

Applying for a chaperone licence

In order to apply for a chaperone licence the following forms should be completed and submitted to your local council:

  • an application form together with two passport-sized photographs
  • an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check - forms are supplied by post only - please contact us
  • valid identity documents to accompany the DBS check must be shown at the time of application (please make an appointment)
  • relevant fee

These checks can take time to complete, please allow for this.

Once all checks have been satisfactorily completed and a successful interview has taken place, a chaperone licence; (a laminated ID card and a leaflet) will then be issued.

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