Child entertainment licences

Any child working in entertainment must have a licence issued by the local council where they live. This includes children who perform on stage or in television, films, commercials, photography or modelling.

Applications for a licence must be signed by the applicant and parents and must be sent together with the following documents:

  • one passport sized photograph
  • a copy of the birth certificate
  • a release letter from the child's school if the performance means the child would be absent from school
  • a copy of the applicant's child protection policy
  • a copy of the risk assessment

A child must be chaperoned at all times - this may be either the parent / legal guardian or a registered chaperone.

Permitted performance times.

A child does not require an entertainment licence if they have performed for less than four days in six months, no absence from school is required for the performance and they will not receive payment for the performance. If you do require an exemption, please complete and return this exemption application form.

We may refuse to grant a licence if the application form is not received at least seven working days before the licence is required.

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