What happens when you ask us for help?

Our first priority is to understand the situation and take appropriate action, or provide support and to ensure that the child is safe. We may:-

  • check the records we already hold
  • speak with the parents or child involved to assess the situation
  • liaise with professionals who work with the family
  • ask other professional agencies for information only where necessary

For most instances where we are told of concerns, the likely outcome is providing or directing parents and children to help and support. In all cases, we will make a note of the report, and where we believe support is appropriate, the family’s challenges and needs are often discussed. We may seek agreement with other professional agencies that have contact with the family.​

In some circumstances, more serious action may be required. However, this is only where we have assessed that there is a significant risk of harm to the child.

Reporting child abuse very rarely results in the child being removed from the family or their home. This can only happen with a court order, once it is proven there is serious and immediate risk. If a child is removed from the home, we’ll still aim to reunite the family, and we will continue to work with the parents and child to achieve this.​

If it is not possible to reunite the family, we will continue to work with the child and their carer to ensure they receive the support they need.

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