Professionals who work with Children

Professional nurse outside a building

If you are a professional who has new concerns about parents or children with whom you have a working relationship, or believe they are in need of support, then you have an obligation to report their circumstances to us in a referral.

If they already have an open case with a case worker, please contact the Social Worker directly.

You can submit:-

  • requests for Early Help for the parents if they have provided consent
  • a Safeguarding Referral if you believe there is a risk to the child's safety


You can call us on 020 8583 6600

What happens when you make a referral?

Further sources of information and help

We have a wide range of information, contact details, and sources of free help. This includes local community groups in the Hounslow area, and national providers.

Please feel free to share these with anyone you know who may be in need:


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