Child protection

Providing all the support a family needs to create a safe environment.

Responding to suspected abuse

Every report of suspected abuse is investigated. This involves speaking to the child and their family and, in some cases, friends and neighbours.

Professionals who work with the child such as teachers, doctors, nurses and health visitors may also be interviewed. Social workers will become involved if there is a risk of physical injury, neglect, sexual or emotional abuse.

Creating a plan of support

We keep a list of children and young people who are at risk of suffering abuse or neglect. A support plan is discussed with their parents and agreed upon by the different professional agencies involved.

In serious cases

Reporting child abuse rarely results in the child being removed from home. This can only happen with a court order, once it is proven there is serious and immediate risk. Even if a child is removed from the home, we’ll still aim to reunite the family. So we continue to work with the parents and child to achieve this.

If it is not possible to reunite the family, we will continue to work with the child and their carer to ensure they receive the support they need.

Contact us

If you feel you are not coping or you are worried about a child

Telephone: 020 8583 6600 option 2


Out of hours: After 5pm weekdays or weekends

Telephone 020 8583 2222 and ask to speak to the duty social worker

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