Riding establishment licences

Anyone running a riding establishment must have a licence.

The keeping of a riding establishment is defined as the carrying on of a business of keeping horses for either or both of the following purposes:

  • Horses being let out for hire for riding
  • Horses being used for instruction in riding, in return for payment

Premises do not require a licence if they kept by the police, the military, the Zoological Society of London, or by universities providing approved courses for veterinary students.

Applying for a licence

When we receive your application and fee we will arrange for an inspection of the premises resulting in a report upon the suitability of the application.

A veterinary inspector selected from a list approved by the British Veterinary Association will carry out this inspection.

We may impose conditions on the licence to ensure that appropriate welfare standards are met. In general these will be standard conditions required by law but specific conditions may be attached if it is thought to be appropriate to the circumstances.

We have the right to refuse a licence on any grounds. However, there is an appeals process.

Download an application form and a copy of our standard licence conditions for riding establishments on this page.

Note that in addition to a full inspection prior to the granting of a new licence or a renewal, licensed premises will also be subject to unannounced inspections to ensure that the licence conditions are being met and that the welfare of the horses being kept under the licence is secured.

Licence fees

You will need to pay a fee to cover our costs in administering the licence. You will also be expected to pay us back the cost of the veterinary inspection.

Licence fees are charged annually upon application for renewal. Please note that a licence remains in for a period of twelve months following its issue. Licences must be renewed annually while the keeping of a riding establishment continues and we would recommend that applications for renewal are made in good time to ensure that the council can satisfy itself that new licences can and should be granted and issued prior to the expiry of the existing one.

Other issues

You must ensure that any other necessary general regulatory approval, such as planning permission, is also in place.

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