Trading Standards licences

Trading Standards licensing

For the information on the following licences please contact trading standards as shown below.

Street trading

It is unlawful for anyone to sell or offer for sale any article, supply or offer to supply any service, within seven metres of any street or footpath to which members of the public have access, without the authority of a street trading licence.

At the moment there are no vacant pitches available in the borough, therefore no applications are accepted.

For more information see our street trading web page (related links)

Sunday trading notification

Following the introduction of the Sunday Trading Act in 1994 there have been no restrictions on shopping hours - apart from Sundays. All shops are now able to open without restrictions between Monday and Saturday.

Restrictions on opening times on Sundays are confined to large shops (defined as those having an internal sales area of over 280m2). These shops must be registered with the council for trading on a Sunday, and specify the six hours of trading on a Sunday which must be between the hours of 10am to 6pm. Smaller shops may trade freely on a Sunday

Weighbridge operator

Operators of public weighbridges need to hold a certificate of competence issued by the Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures. This ensures that they can perform their duties competently and honestly and can be obtained after performing a basic test. No one can operate public weighing equipment unless he or she holds a certificate

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