Zoo licences

A zoo is any premises where animals, that are not normally domesticated in the UK, are kept and are on display to members of the public.

The licensing system ensures that the welfare requirements of the animals being kept are being met. It also ensures that zoos comply with new requirements to provide either relevant conservation, education, or research programmes in order to obtain a licence.

Not withstanding any planning requirements, potential zoos should apply to the council’s Animal Control Service. The officer dealing with the case will consult with Defra and an expert zoo inspector will be appointed.

Along with the zoo inspector, we will carry out an inspection of the site. The inspector may make recommendations to us including certain licence conditions they may feel are appropriate for the individual premises.

When licences are issued it is for a period of 6 years. We will visit the zoo every year to check on conditions. However, a full inspection involving an expert zoo inspector will be carried out halfway through the licence period and again before the renewal of the licence.

Costs are subject to an individual assessment of the zoo and Defra inspection fees. The law requires councils to set their charge to cover the costs involved in licensing zoos. Zoo operators must also repay the council for the costs of the zoo inspectors’ visits.

There is currently one licensed zoo in operation within the borough: the Aquatic Experience in Syon Park, Brentford.

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