Apply for a premises licence

Objecting to a licence application

There are several important things you should consider when making an objection. 

Your objection:

should be evidence-based and will only be taken into account if it is considered to be relevant and refers to the likely effect of the grant of the application on the promotion of one or more of the four licensing objectives:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • protection of children from harm
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • will be rejected if it is considered frivolous, vexatious or repetitive 
  • must be made in writing
  • should include your full name and address (any anonymous correspondence will be rejected)
  • must be received within 28 calendar days of the date the application is made
  • copies of all representations will be supplied in full (including your personal details) to the applicant and will also comprise part of the public papers for the Licensing Panel hearing. 


The Licensing Authority will accept petitions, but there are some important factors to consider before organising a petition:

  • We ask that the organiser of the petition identifies them self as a central point of  contact. We may need to make contact in order to verify certain matters and if we are unable to do this it could invalidate the petition.
  • Each page of the petition should contain information as to the purpose of the petition so that all persons know what they are signing.
  • Full names and addresses must be supplied of every individual signing the petition.
  • All signatories must be made aware where representations are made and not withdrawn; that a copy of the petition with all signatories names and addresses will be supplied to the applicant and a copy will be contained within the committee papers, their personal details will not be published.

We will not write to each signatory separately, but instead assume that the organiser will advise each signatory of the hearing date and the final outcome of the application. It is expected that the organiser will represent the signatories at the hearing and to speak for them. When making a decision, the Licensing Authority will give appropriate weight to a petition. Those wishing to make representations should appreciate that the quality of the representations we received is an important consideration when making a decision.


You can support your objection by supplying the following:

  • a diary / record of events or incidents
  • photos / video evidence
  • sound recordings
  • a record of complaints made to authorities
  • supporting statements from fellow neighbours / witnesses

Have your say on licence applications

You can see a list of pending alcohol licence applications here

You can make an objection within the 28 day consultation period.

Have your say on an alcohol licence application you must provide it in writing.

Contact us

Your objection must be made in writing to:

Community Enforcement & Regulatory Services-The Licensing Team
Hounslow House
7 Bath Road


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