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Transfer of licence following death, incapacity of insolvency of licence holder - Premises licence

Where a premises licence lapses by virtue of section 27 (Death, Incapacity or Insolvency etc. of the holder) but no Interim Authority Notice has effect, or a Premises Licence lapses by virtue of section 28 (Surrender) it is possible to re-instate the licence by applying to transfer it.



Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

Application to transfer a premise licence following death of holder

Processing and timescales

At the end of the consultation period if no representations are received the licence will be granted and issued within 28 days.

The consultation period is 14 days from the day after the application is received. If representations are received a hearing will be held with 20 working days of the end of the consultation.

A decision notice will be sent within 20 working days of the determination.


The Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) Regulations 2005

Validity and renewals

The Licence is valid whilst the premises is used for licensable activities and subject to annual fees.

We will automatically raise an invoice for the payment.


A copy of the electronic register can be found online


Contact Licensing in the first instance.


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