Street trading

Market procedures

The application forms needs to give as much information about the market as possible in relation to days and times of the market, the number of stalls and size of the market site width and depth in metres and the positioning of the stalls. We will also require a rick assessment of the market.

The photographs need to show the area to be licensed and a hand drawn plan of the area is required to show the measurements of the area to be licensed and the distance to any obstacles such as street furniture, trees, bus stops etc. and if applicable the distance from the area to the kerb.

There are conditions with regards the maximum width of any licensed area which shall not exceed one third of the useable width of the footpath.

A minimum unobstructed footpath width of 1.8 metres must be left clear and available and free from obstruction to allow for safe and convenient pedestrian movement.  The distance in this respect is to be measured from the edge of the licensed area to any significant amount of street furniture (such as lamp posts, bollards, parking meters, fences etc.) or to the kerbside or edge of the road in the absence of any street furniture as described.  Where there is heavy pedestrian flow, additional footpath space may be required

In the Street Trading Policy section 4.12 Occasional Licences up to the end of section 5.0 will be useful to you.

Please note if you intend to trading more than 28 days in a calendar year you will need to contact The Planning Department as Planning Permission may be required.

With regards appearance and suitability of the stalls

The stalls used must be of a good quality design and of smart appearance. Photographs or sketches including dimensions must be provided with all new applications.

Display of notice

You will need to complete notices to be displayed in the immediate vicinity of the site you are applying, so they can clearly be seen by members of the public and Council Officials for the full twenty-eight day consultation period. I will advise you of the last day for representations when I receive your application. Please can you to take a close-up and distance photo of the notice in situ as proof you are displaying it.

Determining of application

After the twenty eight day consultation period, within five days the decision to grant or refuse your application will be determined by the Licensing Manager. If it is felt necessary the application may need to go before the next available Licensing Panel for them to make the decision, this however will only be in exceptional circumstances were a decision cannot be reached within the Licensing Team.

If your application is granted before we can issue a licence you will need to supply proof that you have a Trade Waste Contact to deal with disposal of litter and Public Liability Insurance providing a minimum cover of £2 million.


Please note that fees for Street Trading are payable in two parts: The Application fee is payable when you submit the application form and the licence fee is payable when and if a licence is granted. You will not be allowed to trade until BOTH parts of the fee have been paid. The Application Fee is non-refundable, even if your application is refused.

All temporary and permanent stalls and pitches are required to purchase an I.D card for every member of staff that works on the stall. The cost of each card is £30. The I.D card does not expire so you do not need to purchase a new card every time you renew your licence. You will be required to send in a passport size full face photograph for each I.D card.

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