Register a food business

If you have a food business in Hounslow, you can register it here.

Who should register

Whether in public or private, or for profit or not, you must inform us if you are producing, processing or distributing food or drink.

This could be

  • restaurants
  • pubs/bars
  • home caterers
  • market stalls
  • nurseries/childminders
  • off licences
  • chemist
  • newsagents
  • freight companies

Types of food include:

  • meals/ snacks
  • confectionary
  • wrapped/ sealed foods


Occasional activities such as baking cakes for a summer fete may be exempt. 

Please contact us if you think this applies to you.

Mobile food businesses

  • a mobile food business should be registered at the address it is usually kept overnight.
  • market stalls should register using the address stock is usually kept.

This applies even if you don't trade in Hounslow.

Remember to provide the make, model and registration number of the vehicle.

How to register

Download and return this form

  • registration must be at least 28 days before opening.
  • you do not have to wait for an inspection before opening your business

You only need to register once (not annually).


There is no charge for registration.

If you change your business

You will need to notify us of any substantial changes to your business.

This could be change of proprietor, if the nature of the business changes or change of address.

New proprietors will need to complete a new form.

Contact us


Telephone 020 8583 5555

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