Commercial property

Information about council owned or managed property in Hounslow.

Property information overview

  • we only have a limited amount of property available to rent or to sell
  • we own some shops in Brentford High Street and on residential estates
  • there are no plots of land to sell
  • all council lettings and sales are at open market value
  • if a council property becomes surplus to requirements, it will be sold either by tender to the highest bidder or at public auction

Hounslow's property portfolio


Only a few lock-up shops are available for renting - mainly located on council housing estates.

Industrial units/ offices

Two small business estates - Mill Farm Business Park, Hanworth or Derby Road Industrial Estate, Hounslow. These units become available from time to time for letting.

Residential and land


Our normal policy is not to sell any of our housing stock on the open market. 

Residential development sites

If we sell a development site, it will usually be sold to a housing association to provide affordable housing.

Private property compulsory acquisition

We can acquire land and buildings through compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) where they are required for the general public's benefit.

Email us for details of current CPOs

Private property voluntary acquisitions

Local authorities may acquire land and buildings offered to them if there is a need for them to do so.

Download list of commercial agents

Download list of residential agents

Download list of useful publications and auctioneers

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