Business rates

Business rates, also known as National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR), are the contributions made by businesses towards the costs of services provided by the council. Under the scheme, the rates we collect  will be distributed so that the government will receive 33 per cent, the council will receive 30 per cent and the GLA will receive 37 per cent.

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Rateable value

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has re-valuated all properties in England and gathers as much evidence as possible about actual rents paid for properties in order to determine appropriate rental values. The rateable value of any property in Hounslow can be inspected by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website.

The rateable value of your property is not the amount you pay in business rates, but it is the basis for the calculation of your business rates bill. The rates due from any property are calculated by multiplying your rateable value by a factor set by central government each year, this is known as the multiplier. The amount you pay would normally increase in line with the movement in the annual Retail Price Index.

If you believe that your rateable value is too high you must contact the Valuation Office.

Please note: that your rates remain payable pending any possible query or appeal against your rateable value.

Transitional relief

If the rateable value of your property changes significantly as a result of revaluation, your rates will change gradually. This is called transitional relief. We will include transitional rate relief automatically when working out what business rates you should pay.

GOV.UK website explains the criteria you need to meet and the relief you could get


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