Corporate property

Asset management & commercial property team

We’re responsible for the development of policy and strategy for corporate asset use. We also review the use of council property holdings to ensure best use of property assets.

This is a specialist service provided to all departments across the council, including the maintenance of the council's asset register, valuations, property acquisitions, and disposals, together with the collection of rent from the non-operational portfolio.

The latter comprises retail, industrial and business units, sports grounds and other assets in leisure use. The non-operational portfolio, also known as the commercial portfolio, is managed by the property management team’s outsourced contractors, GVA.

Property information overview


  • only have a limited amount of property available to rent.
  • currently no plots of land identified for disposal and
  • have council lettings that are open to market value.

If a council property requires extra maintenance, it will be sold either by tender to the highest bidder or at public auction

Commercial property portfolio

Re-development opportunities

We have recently been involved in some major redevelopment sites; Hounslow High Street Quarter and Brentford High Street. If you would like to discuss new redevelopment opportunities please contact Michael Sudlow, Director, Assets & Major Projects on

Private property compulsory acquisitions

We can acquire land and buildings through compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) where they are required for the general public's benefit.

Private Property Voluntary Acquisitions

Local authorities may acquire land and buildings offered to them if there is a need for them to do so.

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