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Small business rate relief

As a small business you may be eligible for a reduction in your business rates.

Find out about small business rates on the government website.

Customers have received a letter asking them to complete a review form for their small business rates relief. This is an annual process.

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Empty buildings

You don’t pay business rates on empty properties for the first three months (his can be extended). After then, unless exempt you will have to start paying business rates.


You don’t have to pay for business rates on buildings used for

  • training and supporting disabled people
  • religious buildings and church halls

Find out more about business rates exemptions on the government website

If you think your building qualifies, you can apply for exemption here

Charities and sports clubs

You can get an 80% rate relief if you’re

  • a registered charity
  • a registered amateur sports club (if your club is mainly for charitable purposes)

Relief is not automatic and will be decided on a case by case basis.

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