Council tenants: Report a change in circumstances

You should let us know about changes to your household circumstances as an existing council tenant.

There is different guidance if you want to report a change in circumstances as a housing register applicant.

You can report the following changes:

  • Changes to contact details
  • Changes to household composition
  • Name changes
  • Next of kin details
  • Any other changes including any vulnerabilities or disabilities within the household that we may not be aware of.

If you are reporting a change and you are in receipt of any benefits it is important that you also report any changes to the relevant Benefit agency.

Changes to household composition

Adding an occupant to your household does not necessarily provide them with the right to succeed to the tenancy in the event of your death. Please speak to your Housing Officer if you would like further information on Succession rights.

Adding an occupant to your household does not necessarily mean that they would be included in any future transfer application. The Council will consider transfer applications and assess bedroom need in accordance with the Allocations Policy.

We are unable to add people to your household unless they are British Citizens, members of the European Community, or can show that they have recourse to public funds / indefinite leave to remain.

Providing evidence

When reporting any changes, you may be asked to provide proof of the change:

  • Name change: Please provide a Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll Certificate or Statutory Declaration signed by a Commissioner for Oaths
  • Adding a household member: New Child - Please provide full birth certificate and proof of entitlement to Child Benefit for this child. New adult - please provide the new occupant’s birth certificate, passport and marriage certificate (if applicable). 

Notice of change of circumstance form

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