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About Brentford Town Centre

Brentford town centre is defined as a District Town Centre in the London Plan (2021). The meeting point of River Thames, River Brent and the Grand Union Canal provides a unique historical and environmental setting to the town centre. Brentford High Street, an ancient Roman Road, is formed by a number of shopping parades.

To celebrate and support the area’s substantial creative sectors – particularly in tv, film and media production the adjacent Great West Corridor, hosting an array of multinational business, together with the town centre, forms Hounslow’s Creative Enterprise Zone. The Council’s Digital Dock provides local creatives and micros with affordable workspace in the area. Watermans Arts Centre, two nearby museums, Boston Manor House and park, Brentford Football Club’s new Community Stadium and the Sunday food market held at the Market Place strengthen the local cultural offer. Ballymore’s significant regeneration development on the south side of the High Street is under construction to provide nearly 900 new homes, and new retail, leisure, business and community floorspace. The scheme will highlight waterways heritage, providing new access to the riverfront, while bringing a much-needed boost to Brentford.

A new vision for Brentford

Brentford will be home to a larger local community with homes and spaces fronting the river and rejuvenated high street and yards. It will, however, remain rooted in its historic position at the confluence of the Rivers Thames, Brent and the Grand Union Canal: a waterside town with a continuous river path and a transformed Waterman’s Park; and a vibrant community with industrial heritage, Georgian squares, houseboats, places to eat, drink and enjoy live music. This happy mix will provide a destination for both locals and visitors; for families and people of all ages.

The town will continue to foster talent and develop creative businesses through focused provision for smaller businesses to complement larger spaces in the Great West Corridor. In new and adapted historic buildings, tech businesses will sit alongside Brentford’s array of artists, sculptors, cabinet and jewellery makers and boatmakers - a centre of excellence for digital creatives and makers alike.

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Brentford Town Centre Masterplan 2024

The Brentford Town Centre Masterplan 2024 was approved by the Council on 11 March 2024. The masterplan presents holistic development strategy for Brentford town centre and its surroundings. It sets out thematic framework and site-specific guidance as a tool for the Council to use when informing and shaping future proposals coming forward in the town centre.

The masterplan has been prepared in accordance with the Brentford Town Centre Vision and borough-wide priorities. The masterplan will steer and guide change in line with Council ambitions, will work alongside the emerging single Local Plan and provide an additional level of detail in a development context. It can be used as a roadmap for attracting and guiding investment in the town centre; and facilitating partnership working between the local communities, stakeholders, public and private sectors to realise shared objectives. Thanks again to everyone who attended consultation events and those who submitted comments on the draft masterplan.

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