Violence Against Women and Girls and Domestic Abuse

Safety planning

If you’re feeling unsafe, threatened or afraid of your partner or family member, creating a safety plan can help:

  • If you are at risk of immediate harm call 999. Try to leave the property, go to a neighbour or into a public space.
  • Keep your phone charged, or your charger to hand.
  • Keep money aside for transport or emergency accommodation.
  • Teach your children how and when to call 999 and what to say, i.e. name and address.
  • Consider leaving some personal belongings, including any medication, with a trusted friend
  • Keep important documents such as birth/marriage certificates, immigration papers, bank details or benefit information in a safe place, or give copies to a trusted friend
  • Be careful not to leave clues about your plans
  • Identify someone you trust (family member/employer/friend) to check in with you and agree a code word; should you need to use it, it means you are unsafe and need assistance.


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