Self-start advice to the public during power failure

Call 105 or visit http://www.powercut105.com/ if you have a power cut. To check to see if there is a power cut in your area, please use the Power Track map provided by Scottish & Southern Electricity and UK power network.

The energy infrastructure in LB Hounslow is generally robust and though large failures are unlikely, the systems are complex, and problems may happen for a range of reasons.

How to prepare in advance

  • A torch with charged batteries or a wind-up dynamo torch. You can also buy battery-powered lights that plug into a power socket and come on automatically during a power cut
  • At least one phone that doesn’t run off the mains supply, ie an analogue telephone or mobile
  • A battery-powered radio and fresh batteries, as you may be able to receive updates on the incident
  • A warm balnket.

Tips for a power cut

  • Use a car radio, wind-up radio, or battery-operated radio, and keep supplies of batteries.
  • BBC Radio 1 – 4 and BBC local radio will continue to operate
  • Use a torch – they are safer than candles
  • Turn off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
  • Limit the use of any laptops and mobile phone to preserve battery power.
  • Keep warm by staying in one room and use alternative form of heating safely.
  • Remember, the streetlights may also be off so, take care if you go out.
  • Keep an eye on any elderly or ill people who live nearby.

For more information please visit the Scottish and Southern Electric website advice on power cuts.



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