Staveley Road and Hartington Road combined access restriction

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Eligible groups

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To check your address, please see the table further down the page. 

Specific groups

What proof you will need to provide

Residents living to the east of the A316 (between and including Boston Gardens to the north, and Riverside Drive (to the south).

Residents of the following controlled parking zones (CPZs):

  • Grove Park “GP”
  • Fauconberg Road “FR”
  • Chiswick Station “CS”
  • Riverview “RV”
  • Strand on the Green “SOTG

Provide one from A and one from B:

A: Recent proof of address (council tax or utility bill less than three months old, tenancy agreement, recent mortgage statement).

B: A copy of your vehicle logbook or parking permit.

B: If a company car, a letter from your employer (on letter headed paper) confirming that you keep the vehicle at your home address.

People whose place of work lies within the roads to the east of the A316 (between and including Boston Gardens to the north, and Riverside Drive (to the south).

People whose place of work lies within the following controlled parking zones (CPZs):

  • Grove Park “GP”
  • Fauconberg Road “FR”
  • Chiswick Station “CS”
  • Riverview “RV”
  • Strand on the Green “SOTG”

Provide one from A and one from B:

A: Current non-domestic business rates bill OR utility bill less than three months old (acceptable formats are doc, docx, pdf, odt, txt, rtf, jpg, bmp, png, gif).

B: Letter from your company confirming where you work and that you regularly use a vehicle for travel/business purposes (acceptable formats as listed in part A above)

Community Nurses / GPs / Pharmacists either travelling to or from their place of work or on a call out to a resident.

Letter from your NHS Manager, GP Practice or Pharmacy, on letter-headed paper with an official signature or stamp, confirming your position and that you travel or are on call in ‘Grove Park' and 'Fauconberg Road' Controlled Parking Zones.


Disability carer, meaning those who provide care for a resident of the above Controlled Parking Zones, either professionally or for a friend or relative.

Provide one of the following:

Copy of the resident’s Blue Badge.

Recent letter from the DWP confirming that you receive Carer’s Allowance for the resident.

Signed or stamped letter from the residents’ GP on letter-headed paper, confirming that they require care in their home, and for how long.

Signed letter from your employer on letter-headed paper, confirming that you are employed as a Care Worker and that you regularly visit clients in within one of the above Controlled Parking Zones.

Tenants of the Burial Ground Allotments/Staveley Road Allotments/Official allotment sharers CHAS (Chiswick Horticultural and Allotment Society)

Provide one of the following:

Written confirmation that you are an allotment holder or a member of CHAS.

If you are an authorised allotment sharer you should contact Hounslow’s allotments team for proof.

Chiswick School students with Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP)
Students with Autism or who receive Disability Living Allowance (parents / carers)
Blue Badge Holders accessing Chiswick School (either student or parent)

No need to complete application, but please email with the following:
your name and your child’s name
• vehicle registration number
• the school your child attends
• whether you are a blue badge or EHCP holder and/or if you receive Disability Allowance.


Official School Transport

Apply via the Council.


Automatically exempt.

Emergency Services

Automatically exempt.

Eligible addresses

Road name

Post code

2 Strand School Approach


5 Kew Bridge Arches


Alexandra Gardens

W4 2RY, W4 2RZ

Anstice Close

W4 2RJ, W4 2RL

Bailey Mews


Bedford Close

W4 2UE

Bolton Road


Bolton Road, 1-6 The Marais


Boston Gardens

W4 2QJ

Burlington Lane, 30-80 (evens)

W4 2RR

Burlington Lane, 35-93 (odds)

W4 3ET

Burlington Lane, Chiswick Station House

W4 3HB

Burlington Lane, Chiswick War Memorial Homes

W4 3EU

Burlington Lane, Station Parade

W4 3HD

Burnaby Crescent

W4 3LH

Burnaby Gardens

W4 3DP, W4 3DR, W4 3DS, W4 3DT

Cavendish Road


Cedars Road, 1-39 (odds)

W4 3JP

Chadwick Mews


Chatsworth Road

W4 3HY

Chatsworth Road, Chatsworth Close

W4 3HZ

Chesterfield Road

W4 3HG, W4 3HQ

Chiswick Square W4 2QG

Chiswick Pier Houseboats

W4 2UH, W4 2UG, W4 2RA

Chiswick Quay


Chiswick Staithe


Chiswick Wharf

W4 2SR

Claremont Grove

W4 2TL

Compton Crescent

W4 3JA

Coniston Close


Corney Reach Way

W4 2TU, W4 2TY, W4 2TZ

Corney Road

W4 2RA

Crofton Avenue

W4 3EW

Dartmouth Place

W4 2RH

Deans Close

W4 3LX

Devonshire Gardens


Eastbourne Road

W4 3EB

Edensor Gardens

W4 2QY, W4 2QZ

Edensor Road

W4 2RG

Ellesmere Road, 3-67 (odds)

W4 3DU

Ellesmere Road, Bourne Court

W4 3ED

Elmwood Road

W4 3DY, W4 3DZ

Ernest Gardens


Falcon Close

W4 3XQ

Fauconberg Road

W4 3JU, W4 3JY, W4 3JZ

Fauconberg Road, Fauconberg Court

W4 3JQ

Fitzroy Crescent

W4 3EL

Florence Gardens

W4 3JX

Geraldine Road


Gordon Road

W4 3LJ, W4 3LU

Grantham Road

W4 2RS, W4 2RT

Grove Park Farm House, 1-4 (evens)

W4 2RX

Grove Park Gardens


Grove Park Mews


Grove Park Road


Grove Park Terrace (1-23 odds) and Kennett House


Grove Park Terrace (2-62 evens)


Grove Park Terrace, 64-102 (evens), 25-33 (odds)

W4 3JD, W4 3JL, W4 3JJ

Grove Park Terrace, Sutton Court Mansions

W4 3JH

Gwyne Close

W4 2NX

Hartington Court


Hartington Road


Harvard Hill

W4 3XH

Hazledene Road

W4 3JB

Hearne Road


Herbert Gardens


Huntingdon Gardens

W4 3HX

Ibis Lane


Kinnaird Avenue


Langham Place

W4 2QL

Lattimer Place

W4 2UA, W4 2UB, W4 2UD

Lawford Road, Braid Court

W4 3HS

Loraine Road


Magnolia Road


Malthouse Drive

W4 2NR, W4 2NS

Meade Close


Meadow Place

W4 2SY

Milnthorpe Road

W4 3DX

Milnthorpe Road, Chara Place

W4 3DN

Nightingale Close

W4 3JN

Oliver Close


Osier Mews

W4 2NT

Park Road


Park Road, Beechwood Court

W4 3HJ

Park Road, Park View

W4 3ER

Pumping Station Road

W4 2SN, W4 2SW

Pyrmont Road


Ranelagh Gardens


Redcliffe Gardens


Riverview Grove


Riverview Road


Russell Close

W4 2NU

Russell Kerr Close

W4 3HF

Ship Alley


Spencer Road


Spring Grove 4-22; 17-43; (1-24 The Maltings)


St Marys Convent Nursing Home

W4 2QE

St Marys Grove

W4 3LL, W4 3LN, W4 3LW,

St Thomas Road

W4 3LB, W4 3LD, W4 3LQ

St Thomas Road, Langton House

W4 3HW

St Thomas Road, Montgomery Court

W4 3LA, W4 3LE, W4 3LF

Station Approach Road


Station Gardens


Staveley Gardens

W4 2SA, W4 2SD, W4 2SE

Staveley Road

W4 3ES, W4 3HU

Strand on the Green


Sutton Court

W4 3EE, W4 3EF

Sutton Court Road, 39-45 71-85 (odds), 62-74 98-206 (evens)

W4 3EG, W4 3EJ, W4 3EQ, W4 3HR, W4 3HT

Sutton Court Road, Chiswick Plaza

W4 3EJ

Sutton Court Road, Courtfield

W4 3EQ

Sutton Court Road, Egerton House

W4 3EH

Sutton Court Road, St George's Mews

W4 3EN

Sutton Lane South, 20-44 (evens), 45-69 (odds)

W4 3JW, W4 3JT, W4 3JR

Sutton Lane South, Sutton Close

W4 3JS

Thames Crescent

W4 2RU

Thames Road


Thames Village


The Lindens


Waldeck Road


Whitehall Gardens

W4 3LT

Whitehall Park Road

W4 3NB, W4 3NE

Whitehall Park Road, Copper Tree Mews

W4 3NB

Whitehall Park Road, Whitehall Court

W4 3ND

Whittingham Court

W4 2RQ

Wilmington Avenue

W4 3HA

Windrush Close


Wolseley Gardens

W4 3LP, W4 3LR, W4 3LS, W4 3LY, W4 3LZ

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