Healthy lifestyles for adults, children and families


One You Hounslow is an integrated Health and Wellbeing service which aims to contribute to the improvement of healthy life expectancy and reduce preventable ill health in Hounslow. 
One You Hounslow provides a single point of access though our hub to engage and provide a broad range of advice, information and friendly support to help Hounslow residents Eat well, Move More, Drink Less and Stop Smoking.  

Eat well

Eating a well balanced diet ensures you receive vital nutrition so your body functions to its optimum level. Find out more about eating well.
Visit our local One You Hounslow service to get easy recipes or join a free cook and eat class

Move More

To keep your body and mind healthy, it's important to move more throughout the day.  Find out the benefits of moving more and the guidelines for physical activity
In Hounslow we have the local One You Hounslow service who offer access to a variety of activities in the borough.

Stop Smoking 

Stopping smoking is the most effective lifestyle improvement you can make with immediate benefits to your health.  Find out how quickly you'll notice the benefits of stopping.
You are four times more likely to quit smoking with the right support. One You Hounslow is your local stop smoking support, our Stop Smoking Specialists can offer you a personalised plan to help you quit.

Drink Less

It's sometimes difficult to tell how many units are in different drinks. Learn more about alcohol units.
If you want to find out how much you drink, take a simple Drinks Checker test.


Change4life is a public health campaign to help children and families stay active and healthy.  
Change4life campaign provides a range of useful information and support to families such as the Food Scanner app which shows the amount of sugar, fat and salt in your food. 
One You Hounslow also runs a free 8 week Change4life Family Weight Management Programme where parents learn about healthy eating and children get involved in fun activities run by Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust
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