Market Position Statement

It is a signal of our ambition to provide better information to local and other interested organisations that provide services to people. We believe that we can only provide the full range of care and support that people want and need by working in partnership with other organisations, those we have contracts with and those that are funded by other bodies.

Government policy describes a future where voluntary and private sector partners play a key role in the delivery of services and where local authorities take an enabling and place-shaping role. If you add to this the ambition to provide everyone entitled to adult social care services with a personal budget, and the growth in numbers of people using Direct Payments, there can only be more change to the already complex systems of care and support.

What is it and why is it useful?

The Market Position Statement (MPS) is written for providers of adult social care (ASC) services. It summarises demand, supply and our commissioning intentions so that we can support our current and potential providers to develop the right services for meeting the needs of our residents.

It strives for continuous improvement by encouraging innovation and sharing best practice.

It will support better relationships between commissioners and service providers, acting as a foundation for better collaborative working.

It is divided into five sections:

1) Strategic priorities and commitment to work together

2) Borough demographics and Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

3) Our plans to address demand and expectations across specific sectors

4) Market information and expenditure

5) What approaches we expect from providers?


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