Community Partnerships Unit

Supporting a strong, active and cohesive community

The Community Partnerships Unit (CPU) manages Hounslow Council’s partnership with the borough’s voluntary and community organisations, oversees the council’s consultation policies and community engagement programmes and leads on developing cohesive and safe communities across the Borough.
The work of CPU supports communities to shape where they live and develop pride in their neighbourhood. This is delivered through projects across the Borough that engage directly with residents and their communities and make a substantial contribution to the delivery of the council’s new Corporate Plan Outcomes

Thriving Communities Strategy (2019 - 2023)

The long-term aims of the Community Partnerships Unit are contained in the council’s new Thriving Communities Strategy (2019-2023) which CPU is responsible for delivering and monitoring.

This sets out the council’s commitment to working with our residents to develop thriving communities across the borough, supported by a strong voluntary and community sector. This is an integrated strategy, enabling CPU to bring together the work of many departments across the council to deliver these four outcomes:

1. There is an active and sustainable voluntary and community sector in Hounslow that meets the needs of our residents.
2. All residents and communities can play a role in shaping the place they live and the services they receive.
3. Our residents have the opportunity to lead independent, healthy lives with the skills, confidence and resources to support each other.
4. Hounslow is a borough where all communities get on well together, people know their neighbours and they feel safe.

The new strategy addresses the challenges we anticipate that individuals, communities and VCSE service providers will face in the 2019-2023 period. With reduced financial resources,  the council will continue to reshape our approach to collaborative working to deliver what the community and the VCSE Sector are telling us they need.

Annual Survey of Hounslow's voluntary sector (2021)

Every year we undertake a detailed survey of the community and voluntary organisations in Hounslow. This helps us to assess the state of the sector and to identify challenges being faced by the organisations. It also provides the VCSE sector with the opportunity to give us their feedback on the past year, and the types of training and support needs that they may have.

This year's survey was delayed due to the Covid pandemic and was completed in June 2021.

The full findings of the 2021 Survey are now available

Support for voluntary and community organisations

There is a very strong support network available to the voluntary and community sector  in Hounslow, provided by organisations who are committed to an active and resilient voluntary sector.

Keep informed with our newsletter, Evolve

We publish an e newsletter twice a month called Evolve.  This is free and is sent to over 700 organisations mand residents across the borough. It provides up-to-date information about everything to do with the community and voluntary sector in Hounslow – including events and activities, new funding sources, training opportunities and ways to get involved in the local community.

If you would like to receive Evolve, or have something that you would like to promote free of charge, please email us

Ealing and Hounslow CVS produce two newsletters each month.
To find out more or sign up email Iain Elliott

Funding Opportunities

There are thousands of sources of funding for voluntary and community groups.  To help find the right match for your organisation or service, and for advice on writing applications, please email Ealing and Hounslow CVS

We offer a range of grant funding to support the work of the voluntary and community sector and you can find out what is available and how to apply by visiting our council grants page

Community involvement

In Hounslow there are many ways to become more active in your community and the CPU team is here to help you to get more involved in community life. Our officers work closely with residents, giving them practical support and advice to organise events and activities on their estates and in the local community.
Please visit our community engagement page

Community cohesion and the Prevent strategy

CPU is working with Hounslow’s residents to develop improved community cohesion in the borough so that the diversity of people's backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued. The CPU team is also responsible for delivering the national Prevent strategy . This is part of the national counter-terrorism strategy and aims to stop people being drawn into or supporting terrorism. For more information please visit the Prevent and community cohesion page.

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