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Raise money by crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an innovative way for local residents or organisations to raise funds from the local community for projects that improve where they live or to deliver much needed services.

If you want to enhance your street or neighbourhood, improve the local park or play area or simply bring people together, you may find that crowdfunding provides you with a viable and successful alternative to applying for grants or other types of external funding.
It is a method of financing projects through many small donations from a large group of people and the 'crowd' in crowdfunding refers to the people, or organisations that provide the money.
The donations can come through family, friends, neighbours, local businesses and anyone else who wants to support your project.

Crowdfunding can be used by VCSE groups in Hounslow to make their great ideas and projects a reality. It is good for one off, short term project or for raising start-up capital for a new project. Projects ranging from sports clubs, playgrounds, scout’s huts can be crowdfunded.

Everyone contributes a little until you reach your target amount.

Help with crowdfunding

The Ealing and Hounslow Community Voluntary Service (EHCVS) offers ​support, information, advice and training for voluntary and community sector groups operating in the Borough of Hounslow. EHCVS can provide advice in setting up your crowd funding platform and help build support for your project and publicise your work to help you reach new audiences.

You can contact Iain Elliot, Funding and Group Development Officer at:      Tel: 020 3096 4307     Mobile number: 07869 376836

Online crowdfunding  platforms

The funding process can also be facilitated by dedicated websites or online platforms.
Here is a selection of the best known ones in the UK;

Crowdfunder is a donations and community shares based crowdfunding platform which is open to a broad range of projects from community groups, businesses, charities and social enterprises.

CrowdPatch is a donations and rewards based crowdfunding platform which allows people to raise money for worthy projects, while also helping people meet people who live in the same community or have common interests.

Kriticalmass is a donations and rewards-based crowdfunding platform supporting a broad range of social projects from charities and social enterprises.

Spacehive is a donations and rewards-based crowdfunding platform specifically for civic projects in public spaces, such as events, infrastructure and installations.


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