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Your Neighbourhood Grant

What is the Your Neighbourhood Grant?

The Your Neighbourhood Grant supports projects, events and activities that come from local residents and that have the backing of their local Councillors

It directly supports the work of the Councillors in each ward across the borough and enables them to better engage with the communities they serve.

Applications are accepted for up to £1,000 towards capital and / or revenue projects from a pot of up to £3,000 per ward (depending on number of Councillors in the Ward)

This year we are asking that funding applications should come directly from Councillors, so if you have an idea for a project that you would like to be supported by the Your Neighbourhood Grant, please contact one of your local Councillors to discuss it.

  • You can find your local Councillors on the Council website
  • Applications for this grant are now closed 

If you have any questions about the Your Neighbourhood Grant please contact the Council’s Thriving Communities Fund Managers


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