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Your Neighbourhood Grant

What is the Your Neighbourhood Grant?

The Your Neighbourhood Grant aims to support the work undertaken by Councillors with residents and communities living and working in your wards.  Funding is available for Ward Members to identify a need in your local community through community engagement activities and by working in partnership with Hounslow residents.

Applications are accepted for up to £1,000 towards small scale capital projects or projects which improve a local area from a pot of up to £3,000 per ward (depending on number of Councillors in the Ward)

Applications must come from Ward Councillors and should focus on providing a lasting legacy to the community through small scale capital projects and projects focused on improvements to neighbourhoods. Examples of successful projects might include:

  • Physical improvements to an area eg. improvements to war memorials and/or sights of historical interest or installation of planters or benches
  • Improvements to community infrastructure eg. including physical resources for community centres/ youth clubs such as purchase of chairs, tables or sports equipment
  • Activities which involve people in improving their environment eg. community litter picks or community planting events
  • Community art installations/exhibitions eg. arts projects which involve people coming together to produce an artwork for display in their local community
  • You can find your local Councillors on the Council website
  • The grant is now open and we are taking applications on a rolling basis and will close on Friday 12 January 2024 

If you have any questions about the Your Neighbourhood Grant please contact the Council’s Thriving Communities Fund Managers


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