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Council grants

The Community Partnerships Unit offers grants to residents groups, VCSE sector organisations and community projects which help us to achieve the aims of the council's Thriving Communities Strategy (2019-2023). 
Details of past council grants allocations are available here  

Funding to help with the Coronavirus

Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund

The Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund is now open for applications from charities and voluntary and community groups in the London Borough of Hounslow.
This new fund has been launched to help alleviate the impact of the Coronavirus by supporting the VCSE sector in the borough and providing funds for projects and services that are delivering support to Hounslow citizens most at risk as a result of the outbreak.  

Key areas that we are particularly interested in funding are:

  • Digital capacity, skill and accessibility for individuals and organisations
  • Services providing support for victims of domestic abuse and violence
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Addressing unemployment or underemployment as a result of the Coronavirus, including support to find employment, develop skills and retrain
  • Opportunities to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of children and young people
  • Mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups
There are two funding streams available, which we have called: Connection and Recovery.

1. Connection

You should apply for the Connection fund if you want to deliver a project or service that will help you to address a short-term need because of the Coronavirus, or if you need support to deliver your services in a different way whilst you are developing a longer-term plan for your organisation.

  • Funding of up to £10,000 is available and proposals will be accepted for this fund until Monday 31 August 2020.
  • We will process your application within four weeks of receiving it.
  • Full guidance notes for Connection are available to download here

If you are interested in applying for Connection, please contact our Thriving Community Fund Officers who will discuss your proposal with you.

  •   020 8583 3120
  •   020 8583 2454

Several groups have already received funding through Connection - here are the details of the projects that have been funded

2. Recovery

You should apply for the Recovery fund to invest in delivering services that will enable the long-term recovery of your organisation, and your communities, from the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus.
Having struggled through the months of lockdown our citizens will have to overcome significant challenges during the recovery period.
To support them our charities, voluntary and community groups will need to transform and even reinvent how they deliver their services if they are to support their communities in new ways that will achieve a successful long-term recovery.
The Recovery fund is available to help our voluntary sector tp adapt, relaunch and thrive in this new environment.
Funding is available for up to £50,000 per project and there will be three rounds for applications:

  • Round 1 of the Recovery Fund has now closed.
    Thank you to everyone who has contacted us and submitted an application.
    We will be sending out the decisions on applications by Friday 4 September.
  • Round Two Opens: Monday 14 September - Closes: 9am Monday 2 November 2020
  • Round Three Opens: Monday 7 December - Closes: 9am Monday 25 January 2021

Full guidance notes for Recovery are available to download here
To request a Recovery application please email

 Who will we fund?

  • Constituted not-for-profit organisations (e.g. a registered charity, company limited by guarantee, unincorporated association or club, community interest company, charitable incorporated organisation)
  • If you are an un-constituted group that is interested in submitting an application, such as a Mutual Aid Group, please contact us to discuss your options.

Myth-busting about these new funds

 1. I won't get funding from the Council if I have received other funding

BUSTED - This is not true. In fact we would actively encourage you to apply to other funders as well as us to help finance your project, because this will show us that your project is sustainable, and it will bring extra money into the borough. 
There are details of other funding sources below.

 2. If I get funding from the Council I am not allowed to apply for any other funding

BUSTED - Once again, this is not true. Even if we approve your funding application you are still free to seek additional funding elsewhere and the Ealing and Hounslow Community and Voluntary Service will help you with your other applications.

3. I am a new organisation, which means the Council will probably not fund my project

BUSTED - This is not true. We encourage all organisations, new and old, to talk to the Thriving Community Fund Officers about their project and the funding options that are available.

4. If I apply for funding for my project I will have to do it on my own

BUSTED - This is not true. We encourage and support groups that can show that they are working in partnership with other organisations in the community.

Other funding that is available

In this time of increased pressure on the charitable sector a whole range of new funding sources are being made available on a regular basis during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Keep informed

Whenever new funding opportunities are available, the information will be shared through our Evolve electronic newsletter.
If you would like to sign up to this free newsletter, please contact the Community Partnerships Unit

Ealing and Hounslow CVS can provide you with advice on sources of funding and support for your organisation, service or project.  They can also advise you on writing your application. 
For more information or to make an appointment contact them by email or call 020 3096 4250

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