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Greater London Authority - South West London constituency

Hounslow is part of the South West London constituency which also includes the boroughs of Kingston-upon -Thames and Richmond-on-Thames.

Nicholas Rogers - GLA member

Nicholas Rogers
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
SE21 2AA

Nicholas Rogers was elected to represent Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames, and Richmond upon Thames on the London Assembly in May 2021.

Nicholas lives in Surbiton with his husband, Liam. He is a former Metropolitan Police Special Constable and is a career railway worker. He currently works as an Incident Controller, managing the response to any accident, incident or emergency that occurs on the South West route out of Waterloo. Previously, he was one of the managers of Waterloo Station and started his career on the Transport for London graduate scheme back in 2007.

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Greater London Authority (GLA)

The Mayor of London sets key strategies on a range of London-wide issues, such as transport, economic development, strategic and spatial development and the environment. He also sets budgets for the GLA, Transport for London, the London Development Agency and the Metropolitan Police and London's fire services, and chairs Transport for London. The London Assembly scrutinises both the activities of the mayor and issues of concern to Londoners.

In elections for London's mayor, voters are required to mark both their first and second choices on their ballot papers. If, in the first round, no candidate receives more than 50 per cent of the total votes cast, the second choices for the two leading candidates are added to their initial scores to decide the overall winner.

For the assembly elections, London is divided into 14 constituencies, whose members are elected using the 'first-past-the-post' system. A further 11 London-wide seats are allocated on a 'top-up' basis, whereby votes are counted across London and the seats are shared among the political parties in proportion to the votes each party receives.

Hounslow is in the south west constituency. The London elections are held every four years.

To view results, visit the London Elects website.

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