Area forums

Area forums - terms of reference

The primary role of an Area or Ward Forum is to promote the representative and advocacy role of local councillors, to provide a ‘sounding board’ for community opinion and to help keep the Council accountable to local residents. 

A Forum provides an opportunity for residents to input into neighbourhood issues and empowers local councillors to better represent their views.

Responsibilities of Area and Ward Forums

  1. To organise walkabouts, street or service inspections, and ‘reality checks’ with residents and relevant local agencies, to identify problems and issues.
  2. To consider petitions received by the Council on matters of local significance.
  3. To monitor local services provided by the Council and external agencies.
  4. To coordinate the work of community environment champions, street captains and other volunteers.
  5. To provide an opportunity for public discussion of topical local issues, subject to the protocol for speakers at meetings adopted by the Area and Ward Forums.
  6. To call for people and papers as necessary to better involve residents and communities in the decision-making of the Council and to monitor and improve the provision of local services.
  7. To develop links with other local agencies (e.g. local safer neighbourhood panel, Neighbourhood Watch) and improve partnership working.
  8. To identify area-based environmental improvements, establish priorities and seek funding for such schemes.
  9. To be consulted in relation to traffic, transport and parking schemes, which specifically relates to or affects the Forum area.
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