Review of Hounslow’s electoral arrangements

Review of the number of councillors and ward boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) are conducting a review of Hounslow Council’s electoral arrangements.

The LGBCE are conducting the review as the council meets one of the Commission’s intervention criteria of some of the wards in the borough having an electorate of +/-10% from the average electorate for the authority.  The last review of Hounslow Council’s electoral arrangements took place in 1999.

The LGBCE will be examining the total number of councillors elected to the Council and the number of councillors for each ward.  They will also be reviewing the number of electoral of wards in the borough for the purposes of the election of councillors, plus the naming of the wards.

In early 2019, the LGBCE will be asking the public for their views on Hounslow’s electoral arrangements.  We will publish more details on the public consultation on this page in due course.

The LGBCE will produce draft recommendations in mid-2019, these recommendations will be open for public consultation.

The final recommendations will be produced by the LGBCE and put before Parliament in autumn 2019.  If Parliament accepts the final recommendations, new ward boundaries will take effect in the borough from the date of the next UK Parliamentary elections, which are currently scheduled to take place in May 2022.

The timetable for the review will be as follows:

Stage Review Stage Council LGBCE Key Dates
Preliminary Initial meetings Leader, Chief Executive Chair, Chief Executive 29th May 2018
Officer Briefings Council officers involved in review Review Manager, Review Officer 26th June 2018
Group Leader Briefings Council group leaders Lead Commissioner, Review Manager, Review Officer
Full Council Briefings All councillors Lead Commissioner, Review Manager, Review Officer
Community Groups Briefings - Review Manager, Review Officer

14th November 2018

Council Size Develop council size proposal Council/groups -

July-November 2018

Draft version due mid October 2018

Final version due mid November 2018
Commission Meeting - council size decision - Commission 18 December 2018
Warding patterns Develop warding/division patterns proposal Council / groups / public   08 January – 18 March 2019
Commission Meeting - draft recommendations - Commission 21 May 2019
Consultation on draft recommendations Council / groups / public - 4 June - 12 August 2019
Commission Meeting - final recommendations - Commission 15 October 2019
  Order laid - Commission November 2019
Implementation Council - 2022

NB Key Dates for the local authority are shown in Bold

For more information on how electoral reviews work, please go to

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