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Combined UK Parliamentary General Election and Local By-Elections

Candidate spending

UK Parliamentary General Election

Candidates and their agents at a UK Parliamentary General Election must follow certain rules about how much they can spend, who they can accept donations from and what they must report after the election.

The spending limit for each candidate standing for election is £8,700 plus 6p per registered parliamentary elector.

The number of registered parliamentary electors and the spending limit for each constituency is as follows:

Constituency Number of registered parliamentary electors Total spending limit

Brentford & Isleworth



Feltham & Heston



Candidate spending return form

Candidate declaration form

Agent declaration form

For further guidance on spending, please visit the Electoral Commission’s website or contact the Electoral Commission.


Feltham North ward and Heston West ward by-elections

There are limits on candidate spending at elections and controls on the sources of funding for that spending. After the election, candidates and their agents must account for the costs of campaigning and donations to the campaign in a spending return.

The spending limit is £740.00 plus 6p per local government elector.

The number of registered local government electors and the spending limit for each ward is as follows:

Ward Number of registered local government electors Total spending limit

Feltham North



Heston West Ward



Please note: that the calculation of expenses limits is the responsibility of the candidate and/or agent.

After the election

After the election, the election agent for a candidate must report the details of spending and donations during the campaign to the Returning Officer together with a declaration confirming the return is complete and correct no later than 35 days after the election result is declared.  The candidate must also send the returning officer a declaration confirming that the return is complete and correct. 

Please click on the links below to download the forms an election agent and candidate need to complete after the election:

Candidate spending return form

Candidate declaration form

Agent declaration form

Further information and guidance

For further information on candidate spending, please click here to read the Electoral Commission's guidance or contact the Electoral Commission.

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