Annual household canvass

Every year, we are required by law to contact your household to find out if there have been any changes to who is eligible to be registered to vote at your address.

Your household will receive either:

  • A Canvass Communication A (CCA) letter addressed to 'The Occupier' by post.  You will be asked to check the names of people living at your address.  You only need to respond if you need to make a change or update the information printed on the letter. or;
  • A Canvass Communication B (CCB) letter or canvass form addressed to the 'The Occupier' by post.  This form will ask you to confirm who is currently eligible to vote in your household.  By law, you must respond to this form and provide the information requested. or;
  • If you have previously provided an email address to Electoral Services, you may receive an email communication in relation to the above.
Please note that there is a criminal penalty for failing to provide the information required when requested to do so by the Electoral Registration Officer of a maximum of £1,000.  The penalty for providing false information to an Electoral Registration Officer is imprisonment of up to 51 weeks or, (on summary conviction) an unlimited fine.

If you have any questions regarding the communication(s) you receive from us, please email  

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