Voting by proxy

Emergency proxy for an election

If you are taken ill or get unexpected work commitments after the deadline for applying for a proxy vote for an election which prevents you from attending the polling station on polling day, you can appoint a proxy to vote for you. You will need a doctor or employer to support your application.

Please click on the appropriate link for your circumstance to download a form.

Return your completed form to us either by:

  • Email to  This can be a scanned copy or a photograph, but please ensure that the image is legible.
  • or post it to us at Electoral Services, London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EB.

Please note that you can apply for an emergency proxy for an election after 5pm, six working days before polling day, and the deadline to apply is 5pm on polling day.  The deadline to apply for an emergency proxy vote for both the General Election and local by-elections in Feltham North and Heston West wards on 12 December 2019 is 5pm on 12 December.

If you have any questions regarding applying for an emergency proxy vote for an election, please email

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