Noise nuisance for fireworks

Keeping pets safe

If you are concerned about your pet being disturbed due to fireworks, you should consider the following:


  • Keep your cat indoors;
  • Close all windows and curtains;
  • Leave your cat to take refuge in the corner if it wishes, and do not try to tempt it out as this could cause more stress;
  • Make sure your cat is microchipped to ensure that it can be returned to you if it escapes and becomes lost.


  • Exercise your dog during the day;
  • Never walk your dog while fireworks are being let off;
  • Keep your dog indoor and close the curtains;
  • Let your dog hide if it wants to take refuge under furniture.

You may also consider asking your vet for advice. If your dog gets very distressed when fireworks are let off, your vet may suggest something such as dog-appeasing pheromone. This is a synthetic version of a chemical produced by a bitch shortly after giving birth, which reassures newborn puppies and naturally calms them down. Scientists have discovered it also helps calm down older dogs as well.

Do not forget dogs and other animals kept outside, and consider bringing them into the house or making sure they have a safe place to go.

Hutches, cages and aviaries should be loosely covered where possible i.e. with polythene sheeting, making sure that air can circulate inside the sheeting.

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