Definition and types of noise nuisance

Party noise

The following guidelines will help you enjoy your party without annoying anyone else:

  • warn neighbours in advance that a party is to take place. Try to give as much warning as possible so that they can make alternative arrangements if they wish. If possible give a telephone number where you can be contacted so that neighbours can let you know if it is too loud
  • give your neighbours a finishing time, make it reasonable and stick to it
  • try to start the party early so that you can finish early
  • if at all possible try to hold your party in a room or venue where neighbours will not hear the music
  • if you are having a party at home, be aware of where your property is situated e.g. in flats be aware of your neighbours above and below as well as next to you
  • remember; the more often you have a party, the more likely people are to complain
  • make sure that you know your guests and that you can trust them, as you will be responsible for them
  • invite a suitable number of guests for the size of your property
  • think about where you position the speakers. Keep them away from party walls and off the floor if you live in a flat. Do not point them at windows and do not have them out in the garden
  • keep doors and windows closed so the noise does not travel

Please note: if we receive a complaint about your party, your night will be spoilt by a visit from us.

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