Services for children's social workers

Take a look below at the services we provide for children's social car workers.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) 

Often the first point of contact, MASH acts as a triage service within Hounslow’s social care front door. The team delivers an information gathering and co-ordination service to identify the most appropriate outcome for children and families who have been referred to us. 


Our intake team is responsible for undertaking assessments for children who meet the threshold for a Children’s Social Care. Social workers work with professionals to make a judgment if interventions are needed. They work with the families to develop outcomes with the support of other professionals including the police, schools and health. 
Children and families who require extensive support over a longer period will be transferred to the safeguarding and support service. 

Safeguarding and support

Our Safeguarding and support teams are responsible for implementing child in need and children protection plans, building relationships with children and families to achieve positive changes aimed at keeping the child safe within the family. 

When children cannot be safely cared for within their family home the safeguarding and support teams will take the lead in care proceedings.

Corporate Parenting Service

The Corporate Parenting Service support children through the most difficult part of their lives including being separated from their families. The service works closely with the Corporate Parenting Board and the Children in Care Councils and have pledged to listen to children’s voices. 

Through Care  

The Through Care team supports children who can’t go home to their families. The main priority is ensuring that all young people are appropriately placed, and their individual needs are met. 

Late Entry  

The Late Entry team focuses on young people who enter care at the age of 14 and older specialising in supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people. The team leads in care proceeding for young people age 14 and above.

Leaving Care Service

The aim of the Leaving Care Service is to make sure young people get the best possible transition into adulthood supporting young people to lead independent lives after leaving social care. 

Placements and looked after children’s resources service

Where children are not able to live safely in their family homes, the fostering and adoption service work with the social work teams to provide children with a safe and stable alternative home. 

The Fostering Team is responsible for the recruitment training and assessment of prospective foster carers. We also provide supervision, support, and training to approved foster carers and kinship carers. 

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The Adoption and Permanence Team is responsible for the assessment adopters, kinship carers and special guardian and support is offered to adopters and special guardians. This may include therapeutic support for children, facilitating training and support groups for adopters, and services for adopted adults. We also support parents’ post-adoption and facilitates contact between children and members of their birth families.

Quality Assurance Service

In the Quality Assurance Service, we offer a range of services. Independent Reviewing Officers chairs our Child Protection Conferences and Children’s Looked after Reviews, provide advice on safeguarding. 

Our Child in Need reviewers focuses on children who receive support under a child in need plan and they are working collaboratively with social work teams and partner agencies to improve the service we offer to children in need of help and support.

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