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Planning fees increase

Advance notice: On Wednesday 6 December 2023, planning fees will increase.  Any application received and or made valid on or after the 6th will be subject to the increase planning fee.  

Repeat applications following decisions made on or after that date will no longer be eligible for the no-fee ‘free go’ previously available under regulations 8 and 9 of The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications) Regulations 2012.

Fire safety information - please read before making an application

Pursuant to the publication of the London Plan all new planning applications must be accompanied by fire safety information. This involves the submission of a Fire Statement for all major planning applications. All other applications, including householder extensions must demonstrate the highest standards of fire safety will be met. For all non major applications to validated we require the following:

  • A site plan showing a dedicated unobstructed area for the storage of fire equipment
  • A site plan showing a dedicated unobstructed area for evacuation
  • A statement confirming that the requirements of policy D12a of the London Plan have been met is also required.

Applying for planning permission

Apply for, or find out if you need planning permission online on the planning portal site.

Please note: Applicants and agents can now pay for their planning applications (including pre-application advice and Tree Preservation Orders) online.  We no longer except cheques.

Find out if you need planning permission here

Apply for planning permission

Download and complete the modification and discharge of planning obligations form

Validation checklist

We have a list of requirements (a validation checklist) we need in order to process planning applications that are submitted to the council. 

This checklist outlines statutory requirements by both Central Government and the council along with our own local requirement. This information is required as part of the application process and completing this could help us process your application faster

View and download the validation checklist

View the planning permission downloads

In addition to the checklists, the GLA require that information submitted via the Planning Portal conforms to the GLA Planning Combined Data Standard. The Data Standard can be viewed on the website.

Confidential information

Please note: any paper applications and supporting documentation supplied to the council as part of an application or an a planning enforcement issue will be scanned in to our electronic management system and the subsequent documentation confidentially destroyed.

Naming your documents when applying

To help process your application faster, you should use these naming conventions for your documents

Download the naming guide here

Supporting images

If you have not already done so, please can you send us current photos of the site, including pictures showing the proposal in its context with neighbouring land or buildings? 

The Council is trying to limit site visits and associated social contact at the moment in response to the current COVID19 crisis and this information may be very helpful in doing this. It may also help us produce your decision more quickly

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