Supplementary planning documents and guidance

The council has prepared and has adopted a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to provide further guidance on policies set out in Local Plan documents..

This supplementary planning document provide guidance on the broad policy, development and design parameters that should guide any development proposals in the Cavalry Barracks site. Read about the planning brief


Supplementary Planning Documents 

Residential Extensions Guidelines SPD 2017

As of Wednesday 20th December 2017 a new version of the Residential Extensions Guidelines has been adopted and is now a material planning consideration where relevant. This supersedes the 2003 version of this document with immediate effect.

Read more about the Residential Extension Guidelines

Shop front design guidelines - January  2013
This provides guidance and examples for the design of high quality shop fronts.

Download the shop front design guidelines SPD

Air quality - March 2008
The air quality SPD provides you technical advice air quality can affect your planning application. It will let you know if an air quality assessment will be needed to accompany your development proposal.

Download the air quality SPD

Planning obligations and CIL SPD
This supplementary planning document (SPD) gives guidance on how planning obligations or Section 106 (S106) agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will work alongside each other.

Feltham MOD Planning Brief - August 2017

This supplementary planning document provides guidance on the broad policy, development and design parameters that should guide any development proposals in the Feltham Ministry of Defence site.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) SPD - November 2017

This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides detail on the Council's approach to HMO's supporting policy in the adopted Local Plan (2015) on how the Council will assess proposals for conversion to Houses in Multiple Occupation that require planning permission (large HMOS with more than 6 occupiers that require planning application in any instance, and smaller HMOs (3 to 6 unrelated people) that require planning permission in the Borough due to confirmed Article 4 Directions). 


Other guidance documents

Recycling and Refuse Guidance
This provides guidance regarding collection, storage capacity requirements, storage areas, and vehicle access for applicants when preparing planning applications. 

Download the Recyclng and Refuse Guidance


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