Children missing education

Why children go missing from education

Children go missing due to a number of reasons.

THese are:

  • fail to start appropriate provision, and hence never enter the education system.
  • fail to complete a transition between providers, for example by being unable or not trying to find a suitable school place after moving between local authorities.

  • do not complete transition between key stages/schools, particularly if parents are unsuccessful with preferred schools (ie year 2 to year 3, year 6 to year 7).

  • have a family/carer that does not alert the local authority of the fact they are resident in Hounslow or does not know how to access education provision.

  • cease to attend due to withdrawal from provision by parents and schools off roll the children (e.g. parents no confidence in school, behaviour and truancy issues, fresh start).
  • school transfer more difficult to achieve than parents thought (e.g. school places, term-time agreement, school reluctance to admit, timescale key stage 4, curriculum capacity, school application process if parent struggles with completing forms or English is not their first language).

  • are on the point of permanent exclusion from school and they leave or are persuaded to seek a fresh start in another school.

  • are permanently excluded from schools out of the borough, particularly independent schools.

  • are on alternative curriculum arrangements which are not monitored effectively.

  • have SEN placements that are not completed due to one or more parties not complying with arrangements or able to meet needs.

  • are looked after children within family arrangements, unaccompanied from abroad, placed in Hounslow by other Local Authorities and not known to Hounslow education LAC team.

  • are in the youth justice system and returning from secure accommodation.

  • are placed in Hounslow by other local authorities without notification e.g. temporary housing, safety move and witness protection schemes.
  • are let down by system failures between partners where information is not shared effectively regarding children in Hounslow (e.g. education sections, schools, parents, social care, health, housing, other local authorities, Home office, Immigration Office, asylum/refugee dispersal arrangements, temporary accommodation, data bases etc.).
  • “dip in and out” of elective home education at the request of parent/carers or do not follow the published local authority Procedures to inform the local authority that parents have decided to Electively Home Educate. 
  • have parents who take extended leave/holiday and schools take them off roll or families leave the UK or Hounslow area for a period, then return and the local authority are not notified to monitor their return to school.
  • are bullied in and around schools and difficulties cannot be resolved in school.
  • young runaways who leave their normal residence, to live on the streets or in temporary emergency situations.
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