Hounslow Traveller Education

Hounslow Traveller Education (HTE) exists to serve the educational needs of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) pupils who live in, or pass through London Borough of Hounslow.

The aims of the HTE are to:

  • maintain and value GRT culture
  • develop family links and act as a partner between schools and parents in order to overcome the mutual misconceptions that sometimes exist
  • provide in-service training to promote an awareness of GRT culture, fostering positive attitudes towards GRT pupils, and to develop an understanding of their educational needs within Hounslow
  • promote high attainment and attendance for all GRT pupils

Contact details

Email the traveller education team

Telephone: 020 8583 4186

Hounslow Traveller Education (HTE)
Civic Centre (Red Zone)
Lampton Road



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