Space Waye site policy and procedures


The layout of the Space Waye site has been designed to ensure recycling and waste handling is carried out in a safe and efficient manner. We have entrances to the site for householders with cars and a separate entrance for vans, cars with trailers and lorries.

Vans carrying household waste

To ensure only Hounslow residents benefit from being able to dispose, recycle and compost van loads of waste at Space Waye, the following rules will apply:

  • All vans and cars with trailers must access the site via Heron Way (Gate 3) during trade hours, 8am – 2.45pm and report to the weighbridge office.
  • Only one van or trailer load will be allowed to tip household waste free of charge per each London Borough of Hounslow household in one calendar year.
  • The second visit will be fully chargeable with notification of this charge made on completion of the van or trailers first visit.
  • If you are borrowing a van/trailer from another person, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not a charge will apply when using facilities at Space Waye.
  • Only London Borough of Hounslow Residents with their Council Tax Documentation will be able to tip using a van – customers from outside Hounslow Borough using a van must use their own local Reuse and Recycling Facilities.
  • Upon entering the site the named person must show their relevant Hounslow Council Tax Letter and a form of I.D. Producing these documents do not guarantee a free tip (there is a charge for DIY waste). If you do not have your Council Tax Letter with you and you still wish to tip, the full charge will be payable and no refunds will be made under any circumstances.
  • All vans will be restricted to the hours of operation as displayed at the site.
  • The use of a removal company or a ‘man-with-a-van’ to unload waste at Space Waye categorises the waste as trade derived and as such fully chargeable.
  • Landlords disposing of waste arising from rental properties will be charged at the full trade rate.
  • Only waste for which the site has a Waste Management Licence can be accepted and consequently must be checked by staff on the site.
  • Mixed loads of waste (household and DIY/building waste) are classified as fully chargeable – any waste tipped from a mixed load will be charged for.  Waste cannot be separated on-site into chargeable and non-chargeable waste.
  • By tipping waste, you have acknowledged the decision of the weighbridge operator.


Further information

Should you have any questions relating to this policy, please contact the site management on 020 8890 0917, or email:

Visitors to the site enter at their own risk and must assume responsibility for their own health and safety dressing appropriately for the disposal of waste. 


Waste from home improvements

Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre is a council run site for the disposal of household waste. This is waste arising from the day-to-day running of a household; as such it does not cover waste produced as a result of construction, excavation or demolition. Such material is classified as industrial waste under The Controlled Waste Regulation 1992:

  • Waste arising from works of construction or demolition, including waste arising from work preparity thereto, shall be treated as industrial waste.
  • The word ‘construction’ includes improvement, repair or alteration

Included in this definition of home improvements is DIY waste.  DIY waste includes items generated from building or renovation work that has been fixed, screwed down or cemented to a house or garden,

Including items intended for this purpose that have not been used. Vehicles carrying this type of waste, including cars, must report to the weighbridge and visit the site during the trade opening times. This type of waste cannot be accepted on the domestic side of the site and vehicles carrying this type of waste will be turned away if the weighbridge is closed. Mixed loads of chargeable waste and household bulky waste are all liable to be charged for.

Material classified as construction/demolition or DIY waste includes but is not limited to:

  • Brick, Rubble and Concrete Slabs
  • Paving Slabs, decking and Fence Panels
  • Fitted kitchens and wardrobes
  • Worktops
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles, Roof Slates (including those that are unused)
  • Bathrooms and Sanitary Ware
  • Soil and turf arising from landscaping, garden renovations and other works
  • Doors and windows
  • Roofing materials
  • Internal/External Walls & Wall Panels
  • Flooring Materials (excl carpet & lino)
  • Plasterboard and structural timber
  • Other building materials
  • Large volumes of garden waste
  • Garden sheds, Summerhouses, Wendy Houses, Play Sheds and Tree Houses

To avoid confusion, please consider household waste to comprise of the unwanted contents of the house and not, or no part of the house itself. Site staff will make the decision as to whether waste is chargeable and their decision is final. Payment of the charge on site indicates acceptance of this policy and no subsequent refunds will be given. Please do not tip on this site if you do not intend to pay for your chargeable waste.

If you have large volumes of construction/DIY waste to off-load you shall be directed to the weighbridge and charged pro-rata for disposal at the full trade waste rate. The minimum charge for unloading equates to any waste unloaded up to 200kg. If you are disposing of  waste that has been dumped on private land you may be charged for this, depending on the nature of the waste.

Public customers may dispose of up to two mattresses for free at Space Waye.

  • Any customer tipping more than two mattresses will pay the disposal charge of £12.00 for each Mattress in the load.
  • All trade customers will pay the disposal charge of £12.00 per mattress.

The charge for recyclables delivered to Space Waye as a clean load of a single material will continue to be significantly discounted. Please contact the site for current rate.

  • Contaminated loads containing anything other than the pure materials above will not attract the discount.
  • All loads for which a discount is claimed must be pointed out to the weighbridge operator on entering the site.
  • Loads that have been separated on the vehicle into recyclable material (that otherwise meet all other conditions outlined here) may be approved for the discount at the discretion of the weighbridge officer.

Please note that site staff (weighbridge officers and management) reserve the right to decide what constitutes chargeable waste and will direct you accordingly.

If you have any questions relating to disposal of waste, contact the site management.

Visitors to the site enter at their own risk and must assume responsibility for their own health and safety. 




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