Recycling banks, organisations and sites

Recycling banks and organisations

There are over 40 sites around the borough with recycling banks where you can deposit various items for recycling.

Map of recycling centres in the borough

Please do not leave recycling on the ground

Even if the banks are full do not leave your recycling on the ground as it looks unpleasant and can attract other dumping. If you find a bank is full, please contact us and it will be emptied as soon as possible.

Contact us if your bank is full

Small electrical recycling banks

A range of materials can be recycled at our sites. You can recycle any small electrical item that has a battery, a power plug, a charger linked to mains electricity or a renewable power source.

Please do not put any light bulbs or batteries into the recycling bins. Only items that can fit completely inside a supermarket carrier bag can be accepted.

Recycling banks for small electrical items can be found at the following sites only:

  • Hounslow Heath, Staines Road, Hounslow, TW4 5AR
  • Tesco, High Street Feltham, TW13 4EX
  • Swan Road, Hanworth, TW13 6SA

Book banks

Books, CDs and DVDs can be recycled in the red British Heart Foundation banks located around the borough. Please note these banks can't take home recordings, clothing or general household rubbish.

Glass bottles and jars

All glass bottles and jars of any colour can be recycled. Please rinse out all containers and remove any plastic or metal lids. Glass bins are separated into clear, green and brown (blue glass should go into the green glass bin).

We cannot accept drinking glasses, window glass, Pyrex, glass ornaments or any other glass related objects as these are a different type of glass.

Cans, tins and aerosol cans

All food and drinks cans, aluminium foil and aerosols. Please rinse out cans taking care of any sharp edges. Please do not put gas canisters or spray paints into these bins.

Textiles and shoes

Any shoes or clothing, belts, bags, handkerchiefs, towels, bed linen, curtains and blankets. Please put items in carrier bags (not black sacks) if possible before depositing them in the recycling bin. Please ensure shoes are in pairs.

Please do not put any duvets or pillows into the recycling bins.


Plastics bottles of any colour, margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and food trays, please ensure the items are rinsed out and squashed.

Our recycling banks can only accept plastics grades 1-5

  • code 1: Marked with the recycling symbol, the number 1 and the letters PETE, for example fizzy drink and water bottles and salad trays
  • code 2: Marked with the recycling symbol, the number 2 and the letters HDPE, for example milk bottles, bleach, cleaners and most shampoo bottles
  • code 3: Marked with the recycling symbol, the number 3 and the letters PVC, for example pipes, fittings, window and door frames (rigid PVC), thermal insulation (PVC foam) and automotive parts
  • code 4: Marked with the recycling symbol, the number 4 and the letters LDPE, for example carrier bags, bin liners and packaging films
  • code 5: Marked with the recycling symbol, the number 5 and the letters PP, for example margarine tubs, microwaveable meal trays, also produced as fibres and filaments for carpets, wall coverings and vehicle upholstery

Please do not put hard plastics such as garden furniture or toys in the banks, as this is a different grade of plastic.


All newspapers, magazines, junk mail, directories and non-window envelopes.

Please do not place cardboard, yellow pages directories or windowed envelopes into the recycling bins.

Food and drinks cartons

You can recycle your food and drinks cartons at some sites in the borough.

Supermarket facilities


Tesco have installed automated recycling facilities at the following sites within the borough:

  • Twickenham - Mogden Lane
  • Osterley - Syon Lane

Tesco are responsible for the servicing of the automated recycling sites, therefore any queries, including faulty or overflowing facilities should be directed to the branch manager of the relevant store.

Sainsbury's - Chiswick

Sainsbury's manage the recycling bins at their car park on Acton Lane, in Chiswick.

For further information about the recycling facilities at this site please contact the Sainsbury's customer care line number on 0800 636 262.

Community Recycling

Get involved in waste action groups like The Brentford Recycling Action Group where groups of residents interested in educating and raising awareness about local waste issues come together. These groups work voluntarily on projects with local schools and businesses to maximise the reduce, re-use and recycle potential in their area.

You could also give away your unwanted items using Freecycle Hounslow

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