Hazardous waste

You can dispose of certain hazardous waste at Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Residents can dispose of:

  • weed killer
  • bleach
  • garden fertilizer
  • other small household and garden chemicals
  • gas bottles - pull up at the public unloading area, tell the site attendant that you want to dispose of gas bottles and they will then take it to a safe storage area on site.

Trade can dispose of:

  • fridge/freezers
  • televisions
  • monitors
  • plasterboard/gypsum
  • gas bottles - report to the weighbridge and, if accepted, you will be charged the full trade waste rate.

We do not accept

  • industrial chemical waste
  • large volumes of hazardous trade waste
  • tyres
  • asbestos
  • large amounts of gloss paint (very inflammable)
  • accelerants.

Gas bottle guidance

We recommend that you contact the gas bottle manufacturers directly or a specialised disposal company to dispose of your bottles.

Please note: we reserve the right to turn away traders who try to dispose of commercial gas bottles.

In this case you will need to contact a registered hazardous waste carrier and make arrangements for the correct, safe disposal of your waste.

Asbestos guidance

Do not to touch anything that may contain asbestos and please contact a specialist contractor to have it safely removed. However, if you choose to dismantle cement bonded asbestos yourself, you should arrange for this to be collected or take it to a licensed site.

Request an asbestos and other hazardous chemicals collection

Residents can have asbestos, paint and other hazardous chemicals collected by The City of London.

Request an asbestos or hazardous chemical collection

A list of authorised contractors is also available from ARCA - Asbestos Removal Contractors Association.

Nearest asbestos disposal site

You can dispose of asbestos at West London Waste site in Brent, Abbey Road, London NW10 7TJ

  • Contact the site on 020 8965 5497 for the procedure you need to follow.

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